SILVER DAYS by Sonia Levitin


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In a sequel to the author's autobiographical novel about fleeing Nazi Germany (Journey to America, 1970), the reunited Platt family arrives penniless in New York and later moves on to California. As middle daughter Lisa continues the story from 1940 to 1943, the family some-times faces fierce American prejudice against Jews, but begins to achieve economic stability as Papa's English improves and he is able to resume his trade of manufacturing coats. However, though Los Angeles provides a mostly friendly haven, there are reminders of a crueler world; the price of Lisa's chance to resume her beloved ballet is enduring the teacher--a martinet, and German; the Platts' Japanese neighbors are interned; Lisa is humiliated by having the hand-me-down clothes she's wearing to school pointed out by their original owner; older sister Ruth falls in love with a young man as he is going off to war; Mother is plunged into severe depression when the Red Cross destroys her hopes that her own mother is still alive in Germany. Through it all, Lisa grows, observes, and reports with immediacy and affection on these bittersweet years--not gold, but a least silver. Authentic and involving.

ISBN: 689-31563-5
Page count: 192pp
Publisher: Atheneum
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