SOUL RUSH by Sophia Collier


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This rather frightening autobiography by a 20-year-old cultural omnivore is the apotheosis of the ""do your own thing"" mentality. Collier began her life experiments at the age of eight when, riding the inside of an East Hampton wave, she had her first ""mystical experience."" From then on there was no stopping her, as she tells it in this vainglorious tribute to herself as free spirit and New Age prodigy. By the age of twelve she was already a ""loving vandal"" or Yippie, who had digested Marcuse, smoked dope, embraced vegetarianism, and fasted for Biafra. By sixteen when she hitched her wagon to the Guru Maharaj Ji's Divine Light Mission, she had sought truth with Hopis, with LSD, and with a commune in Maine. Twitching with every breeze in the zeitgeist, she nonetheless stayed with the Divine Light folk for some four years, until the power-hungry executive and the plump guru's family squabbles soured her on their spiritual product. She's proud of every whirligig minute, and claims, without a trace of irony, to have been ""intensely involved with the forces that have moved and shaped these times""--since the age of eleven. Astonishing--and astonishingly vapid.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow