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A veteran in the field of religious education in liberal Protestant circles and the author of many books in her field, Mrs. Fahs has produced a most intriguing book for use in study groups of young people and adults. The first part of the book consists of the retelling of the old story of salvation on the basis of the Biblical record. This material is divided according to St. Augustine's traditional ""Seven Ages of Time"", beginning with the Creation and concluding with the judgment. The excerpts chosen give a fair presentation of the plan of salvation"" which is the basis of traditional Christian faith, both Protestant and Catholic. In the second part of the book Mrs. Fahs subjects this old and revered story to searching questions such as are inevitably raised by people steeped in modern concepts of science, philosophy and psychology. Among them are the following: How much of the Bible is history and how much legend? How interpret the Biblical story of the creation in the light of the theory of evolution? What about miracles? Did they happen? Do they happen today? Are we inherently sinful? What can we believe about heaven and hell now? Was Jesus saving mankind when He died on the Cross? How can He save us? What can a modern man believe about God? Mrs. Fahs does not attempt to give all the answers, but rather suggests means by which these questions may form the basis of fruitful discussion. Her approach and point of view would probably be acceptable only in the most liberal Protestant churches. However her purpose is constructive and sympathetic, for she would have students approach the history of religion realistically but with full appreciation of a system of faith which has meant so much to so many. She emphasizes too the necessity of discovering new insights into the meaning of religion for our day and for the future.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1955
Publisher: Beacon