CALLAHAN'S LADY by Spider Robinson


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Sort of an episodic companion novel to Robinson's collections of Callahan stories (Callahan's Crosstime Saloon; Callahan's Secret), this time featuring Mike's wife, Lady Sally, and her utterly civilized bordello: the idea, unsurprisingly, is to remove the shame and guilt--that sex, even paid sex, is a good time. Accordingly, the main room at Sally's is a parlor--for parties or conversation or entertainment, complete with piano, bar, and fireplace--visited with equanimity by priests, cops, mayors and even a werebeagle. And a huge selection of private, specialized nooks cater to every sexual inclination and preference, staffed by highly skilled, salaried "erotic artists." Plot? Well, narrator Maureen is a tough young street-hooker who cheats on her pimp and gets stabbed for her pains; she's rescued by Lady Sally, becomes fascinated by Sally's business methods, and finally earns the right to stay and be trained in Sally's expert techniques. Among other incidents and clients: Colt, a neurobiologist who experimented upon himself and now suffers from incurable priapism; the Professor, Maureen's former lover and the world's most skilled con man; Diana the beautiful mad Russian scientist; and, of course, Sally's husband, Mike Callahan, will drop by for an evening or two. Very Heinlein-ish--a conscious tribute--which is to say, about equal parts provocative, amusing, cretinous, consciousness-raising, and irritating--and aimed mostly at existing Callahan fans.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1989
ISBN: 441-09073-7
Publisher: Berkley
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