ONE OF OUR FLIERS IS SAFE by Squadron Leader Wm. Simpson


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The closest analogy to this story of a flier's odyssey back to health and life is Hillary's Falling Through Space, though this is more of a factual record, less of a psychological one. With the outbreak of war, the author is ordered to France, and in an early engagement he was shot down, his plane in flames. He escapes, but so badly burned that the verdicts were against his living. To this he gave the lie -- and lived; to further prophecies that he would not walk again, he lived and walked, and reports, from England, on the first two of a series of plastic operations. This is the tale of hospitalization all over France, even as -- technically -- a German prisoner. There are the hospitals themselves, the wounded, the civilian visitors. Then -- passed on as of no further use -- permission was granted to return to England, via Spain and Portugal. A story of grim courage, of pain and hopelessness over which he rose, of a will to live and live fully again. A new angle on war tales, which somehow, while realistic, is never morbid.

Publisher: Harper