THE MIND OF LIGHT by Sri Aurobindo


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When one encounters such words as ""Divine Mind"", ""Truth Consciousness"", ""The Mind of Light"", one can be sure one is dealing with a religion and philosophy that has its roots in the East and particularly in Hinduism. That philosophy may bear the name of ""Divine Science"" or ""New Thought"" but the basic philosophy is the same. Absorption in the infinite -- that is the goal of this mystical approach to religion. In the present volume, the author is concerned to justify the training of the children and youth of his ashram in sports and games. ""A divine life in a divine body"" is the ideal he sets forth. One does not usually visualize Eastern philosophies teaching their children basket-ball or foot-ball. But here it is. A book with a limited appeal.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1953
ISBN: 1425487351
Publisher: Dutton