THE INNER PROMISE: Paths to Self-Perfection by Sri Chinmoy

THE INNER PROMISE: Paths to Self-Perfection

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Reading Sri Chinmoy is possible only as an act of meditation."" Thus spake Brihaspati (""an early Indian Sceptic"") through Dr. Peter Pitzle (Associate Professor of English, Brooklyn College) in the preface to the book. Those who think such a connection eccentric will find the rest equally so. Chapters are modestly titled ""The Meaning of Life,"" ""How to Please God,"" ""The Quintessence of Mysticism,"" ""Consciousness,"" ""Immortality,"" ""Reality,"" and ""Perfection."" This is not dogma, just cliche. Brihaspati-Pitzle is right: per se, Chinmoy's writings are virtually meaningless, albeit harmless -- although they emanate a good deal of warmth.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Simon & Schuster