THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST by St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri


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These are the famous meditations of St. Alphonsus on Christ's suffering and death. This work, along with Alphonsus' well known Glories of Mary, was long an indispensable book for any library of spirituality. Within the last quarter century, however, the writings of this particular saint have fallen into a becoming obscurity, and a perusal of the present work will show the reason. Profound insights into the meaning of the passion, and indeed into the entire mystery of salvation, are presented in a saccharine-sweet diction which the modern reader will find, at worst, nauseating and, at best, amusing. The translator, happily anonymous, is innocent of any suspicion of having attempted to make Alphonsus' thought understandable to the twentieth century; rather, he has transliterated Alphonsus' eighteenth-century Italian, verbatim, into eighteenth-century English. This book, therefore, can be of interest only to eighteenth-century Catholics.

Publisher: Helicon