GOSSIP The Life & Times of Walter Winchell by St. Clair McKelway

GOSSIP The Life & Times of Walter Winchell

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This material is an amplification of the New Yorker Profiles, a lively account with critical bias, which should serve to mow down Winchell's self-importance, but will probably inflate his ego further. His large radio audience, his column readers, are a potential market, but only those who can take him with a grain of salt. For here is evaluation of one of our modern phenomena, the lowdown on his boasted accuracy, his scoops, the inside story of the man himself, the lack of personal privacy in his own life, his indifference to good taste, his demoniacal energy, his disloyalty to friends -- and the mushroom growth of his popularity. The inside story of an American curiosity.

Publisher: Viking