SEMINARY IN CRISIS by Stafford Poole


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This is presumably the first book on the American seminary system that attempts to go beyond the breast-beating and garment-rending stage in considering what is amiss with that system. The author, himself a seminary educator, recognizes well enough that diocesan priests are often ill prepared, particularly from the standpoint of intellectual formation, to deal with situations encountered in parochial work, and he traces that disability to a de facto -- if not, indeed, a de jure -- cult of the ""average,"" i.e., the mediocre, in American seminaries. To correct that tendency, Father Poole, relying on a careful evaluation of the historical development of the American seminary in relation to its goals, sketches a plan for what would be indeed ""The Seminary of Utopia."" Seminary in Crisis is a simply written and thoroughly rational outline for the resolution of an increasingly critical problem. It should be of much interest to every bishop, priest, and seminarian in the U.S.

Publisher: Herder & Herder