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Another amusing political thriller from the author of Dunn's Conundrum (1984), this time about a supersecret project to construct an army of excessively patriotic robot soldiers. Where are all the good but politically liberal thriller writers? They seem to have been hounded out of the field by their much more numerous conservative colleagues, so a competently written and amusing thriller featuring politically liberal heroes is noteworthy. The heroes in this case are Richard Halliday, America's new and very disarming President; Madeleine Smith, the Vice-President whose allure is more than political; and Malcolm Keyes, the presidential aide with the memory of a Cray super-computer. The villains are the handful of intelligence, military, and political figures who seem to control their own government in exile, having hidden their mysterious and outrageously expensive pet project in the monstrously bloated military budget. Whatever it is they're up to, it involves snatching Malcolm, stripping him naked, and taking every possible measurement, and, when he doesn't measure up, repeating the process with Malcolm's near twin--a young, left-wing televangelist whose growing number of followers threatens to upset everybody's apple cart. Malcolm and Madeleine become the President's investigative team assigned to find out what on earth is going on--and to stop it before the President is forced to go to the war in the Philippines the cabal is selling. Funny, sexy, and smart.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1989
Publisher: Grove Weidenfeld