ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GARDENING by Stanley B.- revised from Walter P. Wrig Whitehead


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This is unlikely to compete with such one volume encyclopedias as Norman Taylor's (now undergoing its fourth revision- for 1961 publication) but it should prove a good addition to the garden shelf of reference tools. Walter Wright has been for nineteen years and more an authority for English gardeners. Stanley Whitehead has given his encyclopedia a more modern touch, while keeping its handy size. With the strides made in gardening techniques, nomenclature, new approach to landscaping, garden design, increased production of food by the amateur gardener, wider use of small greenhouses and frames, different methods of pest control, weed control and fertilization, a ""new look"" was imperative if today's gardeners were to find Wright's lively presentation of the basic facts still accessible and useful. A sensible rearrangement alphabetically, with cross references, and emphasis on labor, time and money saving, a selection of the old illustrations and the adding of new ones, the inclusion of new lists at point of reference add up to virtually a new book with the Wright flavor maintained in the text. A careful cross check to ascertain the applicability to American gardens suggests that trade names of chemical garden aids are different, that there is some variance in seasonal data (as there is geographically here), but that, in the main, this should prove a useful and moderately priced handbook in its field.

Pub Date: Dec. 8th, 1960
Publisher: Branford