GREAT DOG STORIES by Stanley- Ed. Kauffmann


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Ten short, long-short tales of as many breeds as personalities, and as many exploits as masters, make up a canine collection that will keep the dog lover securely on his leash. For the writers command a popular market -- Edmonds, Williams, Wodehouse, Kantor, Max Brand, Samuel Hopkins Adams, James Street, Zane Grey; Albert Payson Terhuns is to be expected and D. H. Lawrence reviews the mutual love of a dog and children. There are fighting dogs, hunting dogs, runty dogs and loyal dogs; dogs that bring out the best -- and the worst- in man and his fellows; dogs that are beautiful and those that are ugly; some that are funny and some that are sad...You might quibble at ""great"" in the title -- ""good"" would be nearer the mark. Every addict will question some of the glaring omissions.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1955
Publisher: Ballantine