DARWIN FOR TODAY by Stanley Edgar- Ed. Hyman


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A fine presentation of Darwin, both in the introduction and the selection of the most ""important"" or ""engaging"" aspects of his work which amounted to 7000 wages. Professor Hyman particularizes the qualities of the man, lovable, genial and honest, and the scientist who was a tireless observer (""It's dogged as does t""), ""primitive"" experimenter, imaginative and insatiable. There are chapters from the obligatory The Voyage of the Beagle which would lead to the later revolutionary, evolutionary theories; The Essay of 1844 which substitutes for The origin of Species, the conclusion of which is included for comparative purposes; chapters from miscellaneous works, two letters, and the complete Autobiography written for his children in his old age. A valuable, perhaps compulsory addition for all collections.

Publisher: Viking