THE LORD IS A MAN OF WAR by Stanley F. Donath


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A tight modern style, with a certain foreign accent, for a one-man adventure tale of romance and revenge. Jan, a Czech refugee, passes up security and marriage to Kathrin in America when he hears of his father's death at the hands of an SS man, Hans Fliegl. With Helmut, a tubercular doctor, he stows away to South America, leaves Helmut in Montevideo, gets passage on a tramp steamer to Spain, and then is jailed, on landing, by the Falange. When he is eventually released, he makes a contact with the Underground, and joins forces with Lisa, a Russian Jewess, who insists on going along. Indecision on his part costs her her life in an SS raid in Vienna, and Jan pursues his man across Europe, to America, only to find that he is already a prisoner there. Finally, he realizes that larger issues than his own revenge are at stake. This has implications, evaluations, beyond the surface significance; good, strong American language is tempered with passages of continental character; its polyglot dualistic qualities give it a distinction beyond many books of this type, but give it an aura that may appeal to a discriminating rather than a general audience. A dark horse -- watch it.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1944
Publisher: Knopf