GOD BLESS AMERICA by Stanley Johnson


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The story of the greatest hijack ever. A group Of highpowered ecology radicals teams up with a billionaire to take over a hugh conglomerate business empire. They're gonna ban all use of oil and change the world with new energy sources from nuclear fusion. First they steal a pile of plutonium from Britain, build their own A-bomb and, believe it or not, rig it up as a mock clapper in the Liberty Bell. The U.S. Bicentennial is being held in Philadelphia's Independence Hall. Presiding is President Nixon and present are Queen Elizabeth, her P.M., the President of France, and so on. When Nixon pulls the clapper, Lincoln blows up on Mount Rushmore, ditto the Statue of Liberty -- and Disneyland gets it too, and the clapper is still primed to wipe out Philadelphia and all the heads of state. The ecofreaks demand that Nixon and friends sign a Bill of Interdependence to save the world. It should demand to be saved from novels as drearily uninspired as this inactive pile of nuclear facts and figures.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday