THE HIDDEN HERO by Stanley Kaufman


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The externals of the suspense story, combined simultaneously with the resolution of some questions of inner doubt and conflict, this is for the audience which liked the David Davidson books- if at a more obvious, insistently explicit level. Eleanor Shafer, running away to Mexico after an act of cowardice- passive rather than active- which led to her lover's death, there becomes personally involved in the search for Earl Seastrom, aviator, hero, who had disappeared some years back. With Roy Anderson, working for a picture company on the coast which is anxious to use Seastrom's story, Eleanor participates in the long hunt for the hidden hero, senses the shadow of cowardice which surrounds his legend. From village to village, from a man who had known Seastrom to a woman who had loved him, the search is finally resolved in America where Eleanor finds Seastrom, is told the story of the fraud which underlay his heroism and which led to the years of escape and expiation which followed. Physical and psychological action, sustained at a highly readable, popular level.

Publisher: Rinehart