KIDS AND ALCOHOL: The Deadliest Drug by Stanley L. Englebardt

KIDS AND ALCOHOL: The Deadliest Drug

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Now that it's finally sunk in that kids use and abuse alcohol more than any other drug, the same broadside scare shots once directed against pot and acid are being aimed at drinkers. As adults generally know more about alcohol than about the other drugs there is some improvement in the level of the lectures and in fact Englebardt does provide more information than Lee & Israel, above, on alcohol's effects on the body, but it's all hyped up with sensational come-ons (a chapter describing common factors and causes of problem drinking is headed ""are you a candidate for alcoholism?"") and disqualified by cavalier use of figures and statistics. ""One or two beers"" is vaguely linked with a 0.10 alcohol concentration in the blood though the Silversteins, below, equate one beer with a 0.03 concentration; as for (unspecified) treatment, 50 to 75% of those who undergo it have a ""successful outcome""--whatever that is; and Englebardt begins by whipping up alarm, reporting that 63% of seventh grade boys and 54% of the girls have used alcohol at least once--many ""right in front of their parents""--and, as if in recognition that such news is less than shocking, asserting that this is only the ""visible tip of a very large iceberg""--the dimensions of which he never does get around to quantifying. Fortunately, the Silversteins make consideration of this one unnecessary.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1975
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard