ME FOR POSTERITY by Stanley Price


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A real ride, up and over, the ""new wave"" roller-coasts George Plumb into James Breedin, from Birmingham to London, from unknown bank clerk to literary headliner. His recall takes place while he is growing a and waiting to learn if his musical is to be bought for American production, and it spares not a detail of his spurious, methodical rise to acclaim. How he wrote his first novel and telly show; how he courted publicity, from attending funerals to studying at the Drama Sweatshop; how he grew out of his black period, how he escaped marriage; how he lived in a bath tub to get Where the Harmones (the musical) written; and how he gets it made but good when the American producer buys the show....this guys the current crop of writers and their wares in an that underlines the whole phony business. Some pretty funny scenes keep this broad satire on a fast track.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Vanguard