ENEMY IN SIGHT! by Stanley Rogers


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An unaffected recital of stirring action, sometimes leavened by slight comic relief, in a book which is virtually a roll of honor of the Royal Navy and the difficult and dangerous tasks the men and ships undergo. Here is the toll of the war, the hazardous ordeals of courage and endurance, the significant lessons learned of modern naval warfare. The story of the Bismarck, her career and her defeat; of the Illustrious, of U-boats and their pursuit, of fleet sweepers and patrol ships, of British submarines, of the Channel attack by the Germans, of E-boats, of naval war in the Mediterranean, of the Merchant Navy, Dunkirk, escapes from France and Norway, castaways and rescues, of convoy action -- all in all, a panorama of various arms of the service and their participation in war at sea. Though British in substance and matter, the style is straight reportage and of American as well as English appeal.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1943
Publisher: Crowell