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BIGFOOT WALLACE by Stanley Vestal



Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin

Biography of a genial, original folk hero, a genuine fighter of Texas and Southwest history, William Alexander Anderson Wallace. He came from Virginia to avenge his kinsmen's death in the Alamo; he was too late so he stayed to fight Indians and later Mexicans, as Ranger and soldier. He was captured on an expedition into Mexico under Somervell, escaped, was recaptured, and witnessed the decimation of his comrades by the nerve-wracking Black Bean Lottery. He lived through imprisonment at the hell-hole of Perote, helped others escape, and made his jailors' lives miserable. Released at last, he returned to Texas, Ranger life and the Mexican War, his last years devoted to making the frontier safe for settlers. A more than adequate biographer, Vestal retains the flavor and feeling of the man, his humor, wit and courage, a true Westerner of the best type.