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COMIC BOOK REBELS by Stanley Wiater


Conversations with the Creators of the New Comics

by Stanley Wiater & Stephen R. Bissette

Pub Date: July 31st, 1993
ISBN: 1-55611-355-2
Publisher: Donald Fine

 ``Rebel,'' for the purposes of this collection of 25 original interviews with various comic-book artists, is defined by the artists' relationships to the two major comic-book publishers, Marvel and DC, who are seen here as ``amoral'' corporations with no respect for ``creator rights.'' Bissette's own censorship problems- -his work on the popular Swamp Thing series was altered--no doubt inspired these interviews (Wiater is the author of Dark Dreamers, 1990, a collection of conversations with horror writers). The focus here is mainly on the nuts and bolts of independent publishing, and many of the most successful indies are represented: from Laird and Eastman of Ninja Turtles fame to Harvey Pekar, whose American Splendor enjoys a modest but devout following. Underground comic artists (including R. Crumb) explain their alternate means of distribution in the Sixties, which helped inspire later artists and led to direct sales marketing to comic shops. Bypassing newsstands led to greater artistic freedom for a genre that's come a long way from superheroes and funny animals, as this volume makes so clear. (Illustrations)