A MAN WITH A KNIFE by Stanley Winchester


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What if it's not a gastrectomy but a portal shunt?"" Bypassing this one, in fact dropping more than one doctor's dilemma right in the sloppail along with a boy's foot arbitrarily amputated, you will survive a good many drenched cotton dabs at Dublin's high class Royal Liffey Clinic. In attendance here: old Cartmill, who wants to accelerate his retirement and jolly well should; Hawkins with an unfaithful wife; Plunkett-Wood of mature years with a bride who demands strenuously young attentions; Sister Whelan with a late-blooming romance who dies on the table; and young Tom Bennion whose operating room friction with his superior flares into an open fight.... Mr. Winchester, if you remember, wrote The Practice (1967) and manipulates this in much the same fashion... the nerveless fingers that wield the knife are busily ""plucking"" and palping sections which are anything but frozen.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1968
Publisher: Putnam