PATTERN OF THE TIGER by Stanwell Fletcher


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A naturalist returning to retrace old haunts and to explore new ones, Stanwell Fletcher found in his travels through Northern India and Pakistan that politics increasingly held his interest. For in India he found unwelcome pressures and recalled the terrible Kashmir rebellion during the partition when Muslims were slaughtered. In Pakistan a Baluchistan leader cornered him by asking why America favored India with its Communist leanings over the pro-West, anti-Communist Pakistan which was suffering at India's hands as she tried to force submission by diverting the precious water with its source in Kashmir. This is a new and pertinent viewpoint that Mr. Fletcher presents as a traveller in regions touching on Russian territory. He mingles natural and personal history with group and political histories such as the stirring ones of the Pathans and the Kazakhs. Interesting byways.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1954
Publisher: Little, Brown