SO RED THE ROSE by Stark Young


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I like it -- not because of the story, for that is a bit illusive, but because it recreates family life, visiting back and forth between plantations, in the period immediately preceding the Civil War, in the Mississippi River district near Natchez, and because the people soon like real human beings, and not the screen version of Southern damsels and courtly gentlemen. A book made to order for the Stribling and MacKinlay Kantor audience,a book that does not sentimentalize the cause, but presents the problems as if they were live problems here and now, intricate and interwoven with traditions that could not be uprooted by rationalization of theory. The story carries through the war -- but the impact of personalities, the one on the other, that is the theme rather than the war itself, though one shares closely the heart-break of Shiloh, of the Fall of Vicksburg, of the bombardment of Natchez. Bears closer analogy to the author's Heaven Trees, in considering sales possibility.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1934
ISBN: 1879941120
Publisher: Scribner