SMOKY BAY by Steingrimur Arason
Kirkus Star


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This deserved a star if it were only for its unusually appealing jacket; rarely have we seen a more irresistable little boy's face. But there is much more, for this is a fine straight story of Nonni, a young Icelander, who has a yearning to go to the United States to learn more about farming so that he could return and help his father. As the author was born and brought up in Iceland, came here to Teachers' College, has been teaching in his home country for forty years, has published a periodical for children called Young Iceland and is now back here helping with defense problems,he is well fitted to tell such a tale. It starts on the first day of sun, describes farm life with its shepherding and moss gathering, gives a clear picture of Icelandic towns Eyri and Reykjavik. Nonni finally runs away to try to make the boat for this country but in the end gets his father's permission to leave.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1942
Publisher: Macmillan