THE BEAR, SHIP OF MANY LIVES by Stella F. Rapaport


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The dramatic saga of the Bear, launched in 1884 as a sealer in Alaskan waters, parallels many exciting expeditions to the Arctic. Turning from hunting seals to hunting men, the Bear and her stalwart crew answered the challenge of the Greeley Expedition and won fame as the first ship to bring relief to the small band of dying men. As a revenue cutter, the Bear brought assistance to the people of Alaska, guarded the Seal Islands from poachers, participated in the treacherous Reindeer Operation and lived up to a proud reputation by coming through for the shipwrecked whalers of Point Barrow. Ready for retirement, the old ship was again called to duty by Admiral Byrd who activated her on two expeditions to Antarctica. More interesting than the diversified career of the ship are the exciting stories of the people who set out to explore the cold wastelands of the north, whether to traverse unknown waters, hunt animals, or map territory. The style is forthright; the adventures succinct and well told.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1962
Publisher: Dodd, Mead