A SMART KID LIKE YOU by Stella Pevsner


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Nina is a smart kid in more than one way: she is not only an advanced math student, but perceptive, however reluctantly, of the feelings of her new stepmother/math teacher, her stepbrothers, her father, and ultimately even her mother and herself. There doesn't seem to be much genuine conflict generated in the story, since Nina's parents didn't get along before the divorce, so that stepmother Dolores can't be blamed for dissolving what wasn't there (Nina's perception reaches new heights when she considers her maternal grandmother the real other woman), and everyone is so nice and understanding that you can't help but like them all (though it takes a while to warm up to ""Frozen Charlotte,"" Nina's career-oriented mother). Even the auxiliary characters, like ""mother's helper"" Merlaine--a college student into veterinarianism, dramatics, and seances--are sympathetic. This lacks the tang of a Judy Blume, but though bland it scores a point for no fault divorce.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Seabury