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VEIL OF DEATH by Stella Whitelaw


by Stella Whitelaw

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-7278-6107-7
Publisher: Severn House

Leaving lovelorn investigator Jordan Lacey (Jest and Die, 2004, etc.) pining, Whitelaw tells the tale of a more practical miss who beds, then weds the man of her dreams, only to lose him in the end.

No one but Adele Kimberley finds joy at the prospect of her older daughter Fiona’s marriage to wealthy Hal Vaughn, heir to sumptuous Rosemullion House, not far from Tregony, the Kimberleys’s own more modest Cornwall estate. Fiona’s sister Carolyn, still not over her childhood crush on Hal, is angry that Fiona snatched him up while she was off in a French school. Hal’s mother hates Fiona for ridiculing her matronly figure. Hal’s best friend Ralph loves Fiona and can’t bear to see her marry him. And local tradespeople resent all the hullabaloo surrounding the wedding at Tregony. Florist Grace is appalled that Adele stole her planter of signature Golden Suncrested pansies, gardener Burt is incensed to find a tent on his carefully tended lawn, and caterer Daisy thinks the Kimberleys should have offered her the leftovers for her daughter Doreen’s wedding shower. Even Graham Kimberley and Norman Vaughn agree they’d be better off if their children didn’t wed. But which of the ill-wishers turns their shared desire into action, stabbing Fiona in her bedroom minutes after her “I do”?

A suspect-rich spin on Murder on the Orient Express: gimmicky but compelling.