BLIND JACK by Stephanie Ryder


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Blind Jack was a daw, sightless, injured, starving and moping, which Mrs. Ryder salvaged, and this is the record of his two years in their household, and the amazingly sensitive rapport she has established with this bird- deprived of his most important sense. From feeding him, medicating and bathing him, taking him for outings on her hand, establishing conditions which would give him confidence again and enable him to familiarize himself with his habitat, this is a quite fascinating account in which her patience, her concern, and abiding respect for the bird (altogether-free of sentiment) is most manifest. There were the attempts to widen his world; the fiasco of satisfying his need for companionship with Jill Daw; the opportunity for more freedom outdoors and the menace of the river nearby; etc., etc..... Over and above the unusual story it has to tell, it is exemplary in its restraint and scientific accuracy so that those who study birds as well as love them should find much to interest them.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin