GRANDPA--AND ME by Stephanie S. Tolan


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My grandfather is crazy,"" Kerry begins, and her tape-recorder comments that follow chronicle live-in Grandpa's increasingly senile behavior and the Warren family's strained discussions of what to do for him. Eleven-year-old Kerry notices first--she spots him, pants inside out, peeing in the garden--then watches, confused and embarrassed, as the grandfather who taught her to swim falls, sobbing for a long-dead sister, into the public pool. In this fine first novel, Tolan capably interweaves Kerry's growing recognition of the complexities of aging with the family's routine and upset-routine happenings. She also adds one of those gifted best friends (who knows Shakespeare and finds the right reference librarian) and an older brother--brimming over with teenage separateness--who returns long enough to make contact before Grandpa, having neatly packaged his belongings, is found dead in the pool. A difficult, certainly familiar situation rendered effectively and enhanced by strong characterizations.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1978
Publisher: Scribners