YOUNG MR. KEEFE by Stephen Birmingham


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A likable portrait of a young man- going west- away from the dubious inheritance of money and a well-bred New England background, this projects the confusion rather than the rebellion of Jimmy Keefe. This he shares with Blazer, his college roommate, and more particularly Claire, Blazer's wife, who join him on the Coast after Helen, his own wife of a few months, has left him. Claire, bored with Blazer, wanton and wilful, seduces him once- but is unable to replace Helen in his affections; Jimmy is always lonely- and still more isolated when he hears Helen is having a child; and finally, when Claire goes back East alone, he ruefully- hopefully- finds the way back to Helen and the possibility of a more mature, more secure future together.... Young people at odds with themselves and pretty much at loose ends in the world-this is a personable form of light entertainment, strictly contemporary and largely for rentals.

Publisher: Little, Brown