BROTHERS OF THE FAITH by Stephen Charles Neill


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When the distinguished Bishop of the Church of South India was commissioned by the World Council of Churches to write a history of the ecumenical movement he was of necessity confined to a certain objectivity and careful statement since the book had to be semi-official and represent many kinds of Christians. In Brothers of The Faith, Bishop Neill is writing in a different vein, and about men whom he has known personally and loved greatly as together they labored from the first Edinburgh Conference in 1910 to the present status of the World Council of Churches. Because he knew his men in the flesh, and loved them deeply, they come alive in the world portraits he paints. And they are giants, -- John F. Mott, Bishop Soederblom, Bishop Brent, Bishop Azariah, Archbishop Germanos, Archbishop William Temple, Paton, Kraemer, Bonhoeffer, Niles. Without the distinctive contribution each made, the World Council could not be what it has become. Men do not make history alone, but neither can history be understood apart from the men through whom God works out his plans and purposes. The book will be of exceeding interest to all men concerned with Church Union, but even the average historian will find here names that cannot be omitted from any account of the development of contemporary times. Because the unity of the Church seems emerging, we might also discover that parish churches will be glad to have this book in their libraries, and available for the use of Sunday School teachers and pupils. The high readability commends it, nor does it have a vocabulary that will confound an ordinary reader.

ISBN: 0548389101
Publisher: Abingdon Press