THE HELL OF IT by Stephen Cole


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Subtitled A Devil's Guide to Tempting Americans this is brief little book consisting of twelve lectures delivered to fledgling demons being prepared for assignment in the U.S. In a tone which is really more serious than humorous the author, an Episcopal minister, deals briskly with the most publicized of American faults and foibles. The instructor advises his students to exploit the American craze for ""fads"", for spectator living, the addiction to ""facts"", the glorification of youth and mediocrity, and the American inclination for the pseudo-religious. Though the instructor admits that Americans have been very cooperative in eliminating quiet and privacy he indicates areas which have not been thoroughly corrupted: marriage, legitimate authority, the sense of vocation, tolerance and self-discipline, and he provides guides for leading the American into Hell's company. Obviously patterned on C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, Stephen Cole's effort lacks the penetrating wit of Lewis' infernal manual.

Publisher: Doubleday