OFFSHORE! by Stephen Coulter


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The tradition here is strictly out of those Gable-Tracy pictures that glorified a profession, Test Pilot and Boom Town. Two strong men are pitted against each other on a floating oil derrick on the North Sea. Sex is introduced with outrageous illogic, while footnotes proliferate to lend veracity to the background. Leading a crew of 42 men on their testing derrick, Gainer and Nolan are attempting to beat a rival oil company to first rights to a sunken oil field. A saboteur is to destroy the giant platform. Meanwhile, back in London, the home company is not only going broke but also being undermined. A hiatus in Nolan's professional life is suddenly explained: before taking on this job, he'd been in a mental institution. Now he's cracking up. Should Gainer mutiny and take over the derrick? In fact, does the term mutiny apply on a British derrick? The question is lost in a storm-filled climax that inflates explosively.

Publisher: Morrow