YOUR CHILD'S MIND The Complete Guide to Infant and Child Emotional Well-Being by

YOUR CHILD'S MIND The Complete Guide to Infant and Child Emotional Well-Being

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A heavily Freudian guide to children's emotional development from birth to age 10, this offers clear, knowledgeable explanation--but from a viewpoint that will turn many parents off. Psychoanalyst Roiphe and wife Anne (Up the Sandbox, Torch Song) feel strongly that the more parents understand their children's emotional developmental tasks, the better they'll be able to respond to specific needs--and few would argue against this. But many readers will be uncomfortable with the Roiphes' Freudian-based staging and explanations of those tasks. Thus, the ""Beginning of Sexual Identity"" is somewhere after the first birthday, and boys and girls both should be expected to be upset when they first notice sexual difference, the Roiphes counsel. ""Children are very concrete. The penis appears to be part of the body that she is missing. She wonders if one may grow on her, if she has lost it in some bad accident. If the penis that she imagines was once there could be lost, then might she also lose her mother who is so important to her?"" And so on. The Roiphes present their material in three sections: birth to three years, three to six years, and six to 10 years. For each, they provide an overview of development, discuss common problems that arise (such as whining), and then more serious disorders (retardation, psychosis). Parents may be more comfortable with a broader-based guide (such as Penelope Leach's) which itegrates emotional, social, and physical development.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1985
Publisher: St. Martin's