BUSH HOLIDAY by Stephen Fennimore
Kirkus Star


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Topnotch- this unusual story of life today in the great rugged openness of a huge ranch in Australia, a story that will win approval of adventure-minded readers on all counts. Martin is a right guy in every sense, quick-witted, a good sport, ready to make the best of whatever comes up without being a bit smart-alecky. His father was an American airman, killed in the war. With his widowed mother, Martin comes to live in Australia and has a lot to learn when he goes to visit a ranch in the bush. His success in establishing friendly relations with Mr. McLeod, silent, stern family friend, and Bill, his contemptuous, unfriendly son, and Penny, tomboy daughter, is realistically handled. Well-drawn minor characters enrich the story; the unusual setting, the exciting incidents contribute to a story that grows out of character rather than mechanics of plot. There's plenty of worthwhile incidental material on Australia's wild life, too.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday