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SILENT PARTNER by Stephen Frey


by Stephen Frey

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2003
ISBN: 0-345-44326-8
Publisher: Ballantine

A spunky bank V.P. signs on with a semi-trillionaire to fight the evilest moneymen in Richmond, Virginia.

Pretty middle-manager Angela Day has taken everything the world could throw at her since leaving her childhood trailer home. But, oh my, it’s a hard go in this latest business-bodice-ripper from Frey (The Legacy, 1998, etc.). First, her African-American high-school chum Sally gets raped and murdered by slobbering fraternity punks; then Angela marries the irresistibly handsome fratboy and heir to a Virginia fortune, who later, bowing to the wishes of his odious but fabulously rich and powerful father, divorces Angela by using perjured testimony and a bought judge, winning custody of their adorable boychild. But hard-working Angela has been noticed by someone outside the big old bank where she just can’t make it through the glass ceiling. She’s been flown out west in a private jet to meet mysterious, stupendously wealthy software heir Jake Lawrence. Angela hates flying, but she doesn’t mind riding in a big warm SUV with Lawrence’s hard-handed cowboy gofer John Tucker. Tucker doesn’t know why Lawrence needs face time with an obscure bankeress, but Angela soon learns that the cold-eyed billionaire, who owns a growing share of her bank, wants her as a stalking horse for a merger he’s got in mind. Declining a pass from Lawrence and surviving an ambush on horseback on the way back to the airport, Angela returns to Richmond to find that her menacing employers are now very interested in her career. Walking a tight line between loyalty to Sumter Bank and obedience to the wishes of shadowy Jake Lawrence, she looks into the software business Lawrence is angling for and stumbles on nefarious doings all over the place. Could the growing regional bank be practicing redlining? Could the conspiracy theories of her feisty reporter pal Liv be real? And is Jake Lawrence one of the good guys or one of the bad?

Turgid megamoneymelodrama.