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Immolation Finale by Stephen A. Grilliot

Immolation Finale

by Stephen A. Grilliot

Pub Date: March 21st, 2013
ISBN: 978-1482778946
Publisher: CreateSpace

A dark, magical tale of murder and suspense in the mysterious city of New Orleans.

Grilliot’s debut novel takes readers deep into the shadowy corners of New Orleans, where a string of murders has been ravaging the town. Known as the Red Lake Murders, these crimes, committed mostly in the woods, smack of something supernatural and are suspected to be the result of voodoo. This draws Michael “Dirk” Geist to the scene; he’s a demonologist who lures in clients seemingly through magic, as if he were a “fool being guarded by some magical force and good luck.” Though he’s initially reluctant, doubting that his psychic powers could actually benefit an official police investigation, he eventually has a moment of clairvoyance that convinces him to seek answers. As Dirk teams up with friend and police officer Susan to solve the case, his dreams become nightmares, and something inside of him warns him that danger lurks in every corner. He combs through the town, seeing voodoo priests, fortunetellers and frightful creatures along the way. Dirk’s own safety becomes compromised when he inches closer to the truth, and the supernatural world lurking behind New Orleans’ facade throws shadows over the people Dirk thinks he can trust. The case grows even more complicated when his beautiful old flame Sabrina returns to town. Grilliot expertly weaves a tale of horror that plays upon fantasy, intermingled with terrifying images and mysterious, magical characters. Set against the murky backdrop of a paranormal underworld, this thrilling murder mystery takes steps beyond being a plot-driven nail-biter to comment on the roles of good and evil in the world. New Orleans becomes a character itself, and the story pulsates with action and tension. Fans of the occult will enjoy the vanishing line drawn between reality and the supernatural.

A highly original, intriguing story of murder, betrayal and deception.