THE PHANTOM ROAN by Stephen Holt
Kirkus Star


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A truly thrilling boy-and-horse story with a good plot, well-sustained suspense- and fine characterization. Glenn has been cowboy and rodeo contestant in his boyhood and early youth, and it is a wrench to leave the Alberta ranch which has been home to him when his foster-father's cattle die of bloat. A town job in a bank seems the grim alternative. Then an ill and weary and outlaw roan, who has been allowed to be a fighter for rodeo shows, changes Glenn's plans. He loves the horse, trains him, builds him back to health -- and through this, finds himself a job as assistant to a crusty, fine veterinarian who had been sent to Alberta to improve cattle health conditions. How Glenn outwits the ranch owner who is trying to sabotage the program- and how, in the thrilling climax, he wins back his roan at the Madison Square Garden rodeo, combine in a fine story. Good pace- good picture of friendship between man and horse. A sure favorite.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green