THE DRAGON CIRCLE by Stephen Krensky


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Another glossy exercise in the trivialization of magic, featuring a ""Professor"" father and his five children, all endowed with magic powers, who amuse themselves in idle moments with conjuring contests. But suddenly their tricks (for such they are) begin to get out of their control, and soon Perry, the youngest at nine, finds himself in a previously non-existent cave with a ""circle"" of five dragons and their gleaming treasure. His siblings, hastening to the rescue, are captured as well, but the Professor, while pretending to raise the dragons' other, sunken treasure from the bottom of a lake, instead drums up a whirlpool and sends the greedy, anxious creatures ""headlong into the vortex."" As for any unexplained loose ends--just credit one of those ""wild currents of magic that wander loose in the world.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1977
Publisher: Atheneum