THE PERILS OF PUTNEY by Stephen Krensky


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A gentle giant who eats only apples although townspeople flee at his innocent ""Fee fi fo fum,"" Putney finds himself railroaded into a quest for the missing Fair Damsel--by a knight who believes his own honor to be at stake. With the inevitable two companions--Tam, who is the Fair Damsel's sister, and Miles, a shepherd who is really a peddler under a spell--Putney encounters an evil stepmother, a treacherous guide, a band of dwarfs who take the trio prisoner, a hungry dragon, and a witch (bad) and wizard (good) whose just as inevitable magical duel resolves the adventure. Krensky toys around at the start with the knight's conventional assumptions about a giant's role in the fairy-tale world, but even this bit of playfulness is dropped as Krensky proceeds along the straight and narrow path between taking it seriously and making it fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1978
Publisher: Atheneum