THE GREEK MIRACLE by Stephen Lavra


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This has been published in Portugese and French, and now is translated by David Walker into English. It is a detailed history of the Greek struggle against Italy and Germany -- the miracle by which a tiny nation, inadequately armed and equipped and with virtually no aid from her allies, held back the Fascist and Nazi forces long enough to give the British a chance to prepare themselves for the long struggle in the Near East and North Africa theatres of war. The period covered includes the four months preceding the Italian invasion, on through to the capitulation, the continuation of war in Crete, and the fall of Crete. This is a more detailed record than the one below (Remember Greece) -- the steps leading to war, the campaigns, the diplomatic moves in Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Yugoslavia. The gallant and abortive Yogoslav gesture, doomed by the betrayal on the part of the Croats, and the Battle of Greece. Italy was presumably at the peak of her power -- but the campaign against Greece in Albania was a defeat, and Badaglio was sacked for it. This forced the German intervention -- and the end was inevitable.

Publisher: Hastings House