THE CRYSTAL GIRL by Stephen Longstreet


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Slick to sexy touches for the life history of a modern girl which proves, if it proves anything, that there's no place like home for the womenfolks, but is chiefly concerned with providing facile, fictional entertainment. As told by Abner Coe, this is the story of Crystal Whitman whom he is to nursemaid through various emotional and professional entanglements. Deserted by the man she'd loved, Crystal sets her heart on publishing a Paris newspaper, trades herself on a one-might basis for the purchase contract of the paper. Achieving international celebrity, Crystal finds no betrayal beneath her, until her ruin of her father brings about a total breakdown and the desire for religion and regeneration. A certain gaudy glamor makes this rentable.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1948
Publisher: Messner