THE BEACH HOUSE by Stephen Longstreet


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The skid row of Hollywood -- for the fade-out on a phantom, playtime, psycho world which loses nothing of its feverish compulsion in its obituary here. Centerspot is Mike Zemith, a producer with a past of Academy Awards to his credit, an artist in a cheapened medium, and a man caught between a marriage which has played out and a girl in whom he senses a future. For in Mollie, whom he loves, he spots the possibility of stardom, and although flat broke -- without the support of his wife and a wealthy father-in-law, he hopes to make the picture which will bring him back. But Mollie's vagrant, childlike charm breaks down in an emotional confusion which ends in a crack-up; her love for Mike gives way to an attachment for another man; and there is a finalty to Mike's despair when the failure of the picture is paralleled by Mollie's death.... ""The Dostoevskian flavor, but it tastes of suntan oil and Max Factor make-up"" -- he calls it -- but it's got vitality of a hopped up, hoked up sphere of influence.... Some sales, but more for circulation, possibly Public Library.

Publisher: Henry Holt