TRANSLATION by Stephen Marlowe


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More black magic mumbo jumbo from the author of The Cawthorn Journals (1975). Back in her hometown, Martinsburg, Conn., after spending the summer in its French sister city of Bourg St. Martin, sixteen-year-old Melody Garrick begins reading the 17th-century notebook given to her by a venerable gypsy. Its anguished Huguenot author, Jean-Baptiste Columbine, is the very painter whose toiles are subsequently shipped to Martinsburg to help celebrate Bourg St. Martin month. When a bizarre highway accident leads to the discovery of Columbine's long-lost masterpiece, the painting is at first considered a fake. However, as the canvas slowly starts to change, the townspeople begin to act odd (Melody's bag is anorexia). . . then they really run amok. Pretersupernaturally silly and not at all likely to grab you.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1976
Publisher: Prentice-Hall