THE ABCs OF LITERACY: A Guide for Parents & Educators by Stephen N. Judy

THE ABCs OF LITERACY: A Guide for Parents & Educators

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The problem of literacy is reviewed by yet another earnest, informed observer--the editor of The English Journal--and though his views are not always original, they by no means echo the rigid pronouncements of critics like Paul Copperman (The Literacy Hoax, 1978). Judy maintains that a major overhaul of aims, methods, and school conditions is necessary, that change must arise at local levels, and that administrators must make such change ""as easy and inviting as possible."" He favors an intensive interdisciplinary effort, smaller class loads for English teachers, more dynamic classroom resources, and the development of finer assessment measures. These ideas have, of course, been introduced before, even with as much good sense and vigor, but seldom accompanied by so many specific alternatives to current practice. Judy outlines 100 easily implemented projects which teachers, administrators, and parents can attempt on the spot (e.g., teachers can do some in-class writing assignments with their students); and, in a second section intended for educators, he explores ways to enliven the study of humanities, science, etc. This part contains many of the better curriculum ideas of the Seventies--e.g., creative uses of science fiction in science courses--based on important recognitions: why many elementary school grammar lessons are futile (young children can't make the conceptual discriminations) or how most high schoolers can best experience Shakespeare (in performance). Classy variation on a familiar theme.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Oxford Univ. Press