LIFEMANSHIP by Stephen Potter
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It is with the greatest of pleasure that we are again privileged and honored to report on this new book by the author of that simply splendid sporting classic, Gamesmanship Lifemanship might well be regarded as a graduate course, to succeed the earlier title, and more -- but with greater finesse -- one meets the subtle ploy, the genteel science of achieving a state of wrongness for the other fellow Here is the deadly simplicity that an prepare for a sense of distrust and uncertainty, that leads to the broken flow and a water, more paralyzing thrust, the gambits and sequences and clean, open play which will result in the brave new world of the impossible. Through the techniques of conversationship, uotationship, weekendmanship, womanship, writership, and many another, a true devotee will earn the variants of plonking, the flurry, and can absorb the nuances implicit in the Baram and Dunsinane Society, and become a master of the crude to subtle applications of the any counters to opponents' gambits. Those who quibble at the seeming repetition might look to their records as faithful students lest they fail in the end results of their uest. Illustrations lacking in galley -- but we can surely count on as exquisite text-companions as in the earlier volume. Yoicks!

Publisher: Holt