ANTI-WOO: Gambits for Non-Lovers by Stephen Potter

ANTI-WOO: Gambits for Non-Lovers

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For all those who have Pottered happily with Gamesmanship, Lifemanship, One-Upmanship and Supermanship. However, for the author's female audience, the book will come as a distinct blow. He urges singleness of purpose on all single men with detailed strategies for escaping tender entrapment. For instance, his advice on how to avoid rising to greet a member of the second sex includes details on how to cultivate a limp, how to select a cane, and how to deliver an off-handedly repellent excuse. He has found, and reveals, eight separate ways of leaving a lady flat within 12 seconds of introduction and the last is the most demolishing, even if it can only be used once: ""'You wrote me a very beautiful letter after my late loss. I shall always treasure it.' Don't look directly at the girl when you say this. Immediately afterwards, walk diagonally away."" The book comes equipped with the usual irresistible and footling footnotes, line drawings of the various ploys suggested and an acidly analytic index. It's Cadmenship, that's what it is. ('Ed. Note -- Please ignore the reviewer's sexual bias and remember the assured market... A.E.W.)

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1965
Publisher: McGraw-Hill