STARGATE by Stephen Robinett


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Once in a while you still see a sf yarn without delusions of immortality, and my, how nice it can be. Robinett does not go in for ponderous sociopolitical extrapolations, stylistic one-up-manship, surreal cut-and-paste effects, or other Science Fiction Is Significant posturings. He just tells an agreeably suspenseful story set in a blandly realized 21st century, with a hopeful young engineer and an adroit 75-year-old derring-do type trying to protect Merryweather Enterprises' huge new matter transmitter (""The Big Gate"") against the sinister designs of Spieler Interstellar. Mild, middle-of-the-road sf, carried off with irresistible good cheer and confidence.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1976
Publisher: St. Martin's